Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions/Intention

Every New Year I pick a word. I kinda thought it was a novel little thing that only a few people even know to do, but apparently it's a thing. A trendy thing at that. That's not going to stop me. My word this year is wealth. I think that's going to take me to some good places - the bank among them.

Why wealth? Yup. For the most obvious reason. Although I can see a great many ways this will manifest itself and I'm open to all of them.

I used to avoid making resolutions since they are most often not kept but I realized they only don't get kept if I don't keep them and that if they are worth making then they are worth keeping. It's a simple thing really and worthwhile. So I make them and I keep them.

  • To continue creating things. I actually managed to make a few things that were quite worth the effort. Mostly I made pictures this year which I enjoy. And the results were surprisingly pleasing. 
  • In the "better late than never" spirit I started to crochet with days to spare before the end of '13 to fulfill the "learn a new skill" resolution from last year. It's surprisingly meditative and peaceful. I want to expand on that this year. 
  • I find lots of things meditative, but I haven't ever deliberately meditated. I will do more of that this year. 
  • I resolve to run a 10 miler this year. Hopefully the Army 10 miler. I ran that once and it was a great race. It's a great distance. I'd like to finish in under 2 hours. 
  • At work, I resolve to be prompt with my paperwork. I never miss a deadline, except the ones for turning in a contract after settlement so that I can get paid. The scurry to pull it all together in the format the office wants is annoying. I'm going to fix that by being proactive about it.
Looking forward a couple of years I know that I want to do a multi-day (5ish days) solo hike somewhere. I would like to have a plan for that and to be in shape for that by the end of this year. It would be great if I could collect the materials I need and have a budget for it by the end of the year so that I could possibly make it happen in spring of 2015. Not ready to commit to a definite time frame for the hike but it would be nice to put all the pieces in place so that I can go on a whim when the time is right.

I made this in 2013.


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