Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Difference One Year Makes

I've just returned from two weeks of camping deep in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. My husband and I really love that area. We find ourselves there several times a year and plan to continue to visit for many years to come. Naturally, we've window shopped for a cabin. Last year we took the wild step of driving past a house and we nearly called a Realtor. Crazy... I know.

But, we decided we didn't want to have to go there and that we would feel we had to if we had a house there. Ultimately we've realized that we don't go anywhere else because we like it there so much and that a cabin would be a nice thing to have. So I looked on today. Trulia looks quite a bit different now than it did last year.

This is the house we drove by, walked around, and had to stuff our cell phones deep into our pockets to hold ourselves back from calling on. It sold in November 2012 for $37,000.

This is a similar house a few miles away. There are a few small differences - like it only has 1 bedroom and the one last year had two. It is also further from the highway and further from the activities we enjoy. Oh, and it doesn't have electricity. It was just listed for $82,000.

Seriously kicking myself.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Look, New Start

Since there could never be too many forums for me to vent, rant, brag, or otherwise share my days, I've spent the early morning hours giving my old blog a new face. I really like the new look!