Sunday, September 22, 2013

A (lifetime) weekend of Open Houses

I have always asked, "How did you hear about the Open House?" and historically the majority have answered that they saw and followed the signs. More and more though the answer has changed and now the vast majority find an Open House on the internet and the directional signs are a convenience, but not the cause. The majority of folks find open houses on Redfin with Trulia a close second, Zillow and RE/MAX third. At least, that was true for the visitors this weekend. 

The benefit to this change is that the majority of visitors to an open house are there because they intend to be... they didn't just happen upon it. They already know the number of bedrooms and it already has the number they need. They already know the price and it already is within their range. This is a house they already know they would consider buying. 

If your Realtor is not holding your house open and doing it often then call me. Historically I haven't sold a lot of houses at the Open, but I have a feeling that is changing and changing fast. The age of real estate information is creating a "new normal", indeed. 


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