Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Running in Historic Downtown Frederick

I am training for the Shamrock Yuengling Half Marathon in Virginia Beach on March 20th and I needed to run 7 miles this past weekend. I decided to run through downtown Frederick which has some interesting terrain, buildings and people. It was a good choice. Despite some missed turns and deviations from my intended route I managed to eek out a bit more than 7 miles and was never at a loss for interesting things to see, hear and smell. From fresh laundry to brunch to music coming from small speakers in a garden it was a sensory extravaganza!

A colleague just told me that he bought a house on Market Street that he showed to a client. The client didn't like it but he did, so he bought it! Frederick is one of my favorite places to run. It would be really fun to live there!

To give you a taste of how amazing the city of Frederick is check out Bill Adkins' blog where he takes a photo a day on the same street. Every single photo is worth a frame and a place on your wall.


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